kitphiroth; the nij materia (kitphiros) wrote in newsies_fan,
kitphiroth; the nij materia

Howdy ^^;;

My name is Nijhia and I've had my LJ for a very looong time ^^;; I've never really been into the active communities because well, I am strange and people find me quirky ^^;; I like Spot Colon becayse well..>_>; He's an ass and he gets in your face! But if possible, I'd like to inquire another thing ^^

Well, I'm thinking about starting a RPG right after the strike. Like day after It will be roleplayed through journals'll be a bit more fun that normal ^^;; I've got a few years of Modding under my belt.

But before I go any farther, would people even join something like that? Or is it hot air? Of course, I'd think it'd be fantastic ^^;;;; But I won't push it! I guess I Like would people play thier own characters as well as originals? I don't know ;_;

x-posted this sorry..
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