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[ Newsies RP..Sorry for X Posting ]

Howdy there! I guess, I posted a bit ago about making a roleplay game for the newsies! >>! C'mon I know you want to join it! Here is a summary of the story!

Two years after the Newsies Strike, the newspaper kept the price down. But it was short lived because, little did the Newsies know that they were being conspirsized against. The New York papers started printing fake stories about the killing of Newsboys, by other newsboys to cause a rukus bewteen them. In an attempt to break them apart unknowingly, just so that they could up the price and another strike would not ensue. However, it caused more problems than they realized. The Newsboys started to gang against each other and fight each other, which made selling newspapers very..dangerous. .

I've worked really hard to make it so people will join it who roleplay GOOD ^^;;; I mean, I'm sure you guys are out there..right? Well, here is the links....I've tried on this one yahoo group, but people just don't respond. I'm sure it will be the same here, but it helps to try everywhere right? I play Racetrack there ;_;...someone join me! I also allow Original Characters, if you play one of the ones from the movies on the side! I guess here are some links.

Community on GJ

I know, it seems like alot to read but the only thing important is the application..the loopholing and the Mary-Suing. Well, -croses fingers- Here is hoping..

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