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New to the community, so I thought I'd say hi :) As the name implies, I'm still Goldie1899 - the AIM name I used to roam under back in the heyday of Newsieness, from about 1997 onwards. My friends called me Goldie, and I used to run a fansite called Brooklyn and Manhattan, with a buddy of mine called Silver. Just a small-time thing, but of course, we thought we were the end all, with our dark and dangerous Newsies Soap Opera- after all, we were worldly wise at age 14. I also was part of the Newsgirls Union, if anyone still remembers that ancient dinosaur. By the end, I was just the leader at the Bistro Lucio, with Beth, who was one of the greatest writers, and greatest people I have ever known. Then I got sucked into Harry Potter, and -that- devoured my life. Thankfully, today I am a recovered Potterite, and I've returned to my original love, Newsies. I'm hoping to make some new friends, and maybe find some of the old Union gang, to quell my nostalgia. Tack an to the end of my LJ username and drop me a line, if you'd like :D 

-Goldie (Or, you know, Maria- which is my "real" name- the name I use at my job, and stuff...)

A Newsies Community

This is a Newsies Community that I have made.  It is called "Newsies: Here and Now"/

This RPG takes place in the modern days...It still takes place in New York.

     Original Characters are accepted and all Canon characters are available.

    It is a pretty self-explanatory plot...just like the movie, but in modern times.

  Just remember one thing... THE STREETS OF NEW YORK HAVE CHANGED.

The Rating of this RPG is M for Mature.

Thanks and Write back,

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Newsies Forum!

Hi, all! Not sure if any of you all still check this page, but if you do, I have awesome news. My awesomely cool girlfriend, wyrd_maiden created a Newsies Forum/Fansite for all of us older Newsies fans (people in their 20's and up), who want to connect, keep up on Newsies news (the new stage-play, for example), post fic and anything else, really. Here's the link, check it out!

Newsies RPG! Just opened!


sometimes the living is sweet,
and sometimes there's nothing to eat,
but i always land on my feet

It's been one years since the newsies won their Newsboy Strike,
but looking around New York City one would think that little has
changed. Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst are back
to their old ways, competing with one another to find the biggest
front page story out there, even going as far as to influence the
news with money, creating stories that wouldn't otherwise exist.

The stories come from the waves of immigrants making their way
through Ellis Island, shaping the dynamics of their city. It is easy
to pick on the newcomers, blaming them for the rise in crime, the
loss of jobs to hardworking American citizens, and the shaping of
small communities separating the Old World from the New World.
It's almost too perfect. Each immigrant has a story that can be
warped into a front page sensation, creating animosity where
there might not originally have been any.

For the Newsies it is a double whammy. Depending on the news
publication they work for it is a race to sell the most papes in
order to get their payment, for if they don't sell it they can either
kiss their jobs goodbye, or lose any possible hope of getting a
raise. And at the same time they have to worry about keeping
their jobs from falling into the hands of the newcomers, the boys
of foreign lands that would work for cheap, something that only
increases the newspaper war between Pulitzer and Hearst. Where
once the various newsboy groups were friends, they find that it
is time to go their separate ways. It's every Newsie for himself,
just as it is every man, woman, and child for themselves as the
face of New York City changes, turning into a stranger of sorts.

so when there's dry times
i wait for high times and then
i put on my best, and i stick out my chest
and i'm off to the races again!
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I just joined and i'm hella excited about a Newsies group!
To let you know I'm a good Newsie and truly a fan,
1. I have seen Blood Drips on Newsies Square
2. I know David Moscoe wears blue cuz of his eyes
3. I dressed up as spot for Halloween, Red 'spenders and all!
Well, i don't know what i would do without Newsies!
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18 Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square icons, part of a multifandom post which also includes Christian Bale, Nearly Famous, Pride & Prejudice, and Rescue Dawn.

here @ my journal.

((hopefully this is allowed... it's not strictly Newsies, though it does include most of the actors, so feel free to delete))